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Beba Zanettini has vast experience in musical direction for corporate events and private parties.Over a 30 - year career, he has worked with the following companies and institutions: Pão de Açúcar, McDonald’s, Pirelli, Carrefour, Caterpillar, Volkswagen, General Motors, SESC, Gafisa, Shopping D&D, Clube Paineiras, Hospital Edmundo Vasconcellos, Grand Hyatt, UNESP, AMBEV, Nova Escola, among others.Some of these projects in partnership with producers like Brazilbizz, Divina Comédia, Fred Rossi, Sax Faction, ZporZ, Usina Brasil, Freevo. As a pianist, Beba Zanettini has been performing in various nightclubs in São Paulo. In the past, he worked for 12 years at the Piratininga Bar and 3 years at the Upstairs Bar at the Grand Hyatt. Currently he is playing at A Tal da Pizza restaurant, on weekends.

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Suggested Musical formation:


Piano / Keyboard solo
Duos: piano / voice, piano / sax, piano / flute, piano / guitar, piano / trumpet
Trio: piano, bass and drums. Piano, bass + voice (or guitar or sax).
Quartet: piano, bass and drums + voice (or guitar or sax)
Combo: piano / keyboards, one or two singers, bass, drums, guitar, sax / flute, trumpet / flugelhorn
Repertoire: Brazilian popular music (bossa nova, choro, samba, rock / Brazilian regional music).
International pop music (jazz, blues, rock, pop, reggae, salsa, tango).

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